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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Is Inspirational!

I don't care what side of politics you are on seeing Gabrielle Giffords Board a flight at Ellington Field in Houston to see her husband take off at Kennedy Space Center is inspirational. If you don't remember Gabrielle was shot in the brain by a gunman as she held a small local political rally in her district.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are Christians Required To Tithe?

While the New Testament does not set a percentage amount, putting God first in our money is one of the ways to observe spiritual maturity. Many Christians say tithing (10 percent of our income) is an Old Testament law that we are not bound to and I would agree. But I would add 10 percent of our income is a good number to start with for those who love Jesus!
At the end of this article is a sad commentary to the observable spiritual maturity of most Christians...It says most Christians give less than 4 percent of their income.
Are you faithfully supporting your local church? Do you see a direct connection to how much you give for God's work and your love for Jesus? Comment please....