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Monday, February 2, 2009

On Our Way Back Home!

Well we have had a wonderful trip here in Egypt! We have been to Luxor doing leadership conferences, marriage counceling, prayer for various believers, and made many wonderful friendships.... We have been to Assuit and preached at Soul Salvation Society. They welcomed us into their hearts and made us feel like family. We met servants who have gone to Syria, Iraq, and Sudan for our boss. They are the heros of the faith!!!!! We just finished a meeting with a married couple who serve our boss in Yemen! WOW! These folks are on the cutting edge for our Master! We have met earlier today with a team from Brazil who serve OMB here in Cairo! They are such wonderful people and have gone where many of us only pray.... Our trip home (we leave for the airport in 15 Minutes) will take us about 24-28 Hours... We are looking forward to coming home to tell you all of what our Master has done for you through us! Thank you for sending us....There is much fruit and exiting opportunities for the future.... He and He alone Gets all the glory!

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