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Friday, December 16, 2011


Can we learn spiritual lessons from trees? Have you ever noticed how trees grow? Big strong healthy trees do not grow quickly. They take a long time to develop deep roots and strong branches. But once they become strong they survive difficult seasons of harsh circumstances and become even stronger. "Blessed are those who dwell in Your house..." (Psalm 84:4) In Psalm 84 we learn the importance of coming to worship God at the times He has called us to do so and the long-term spiritual growth that takes place as a result. Just like trees planted in good soil over time, Christians experience long-term healthy growth.

Many of us feel our lives are too busy for a consistent lifestyle of church participation. But just as a healthy tree grows big and strong while planted in good soil over many seasons, you and I must understand the value of coming to Worship collectively with God's people. In Psalm 84:7 we read, "They go from strength to strength". The nation of Israel was called to worship God on a regular basis. He put Himself on their calendar and they would make a regular pilgrimage for corporate gatherings. It was His requirement for their benefit. He knew they would be spiritually strong as a nation if they regularly gathered in His presence. After all, they were His people.

Often times parents see the need to take their children to church when they are growing up but forget about their own spiritual needs. Again in Psalm 84 in verse 10 we read "For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God Than dwell in the tents of wickedness." You see, the Psalmist understood the value of consistently showing up to Worship God.
 Just look at the practical benefits of gathering to worship with God's people: (1) The praise and worship team have dedicated their gifts in assisting you in drawing closer to The Lord. (2) The fellowship of believers you gather with is moving towards the heart of God and asking Him to minister to us. (3) The pastor has worked hard in preparing a sermon from Holy Scripture to fill you with wisdom and understanding and will exhort you to apply it to your life. (4) Personal prayer opportunities are available to you to get prayer for anything you need. (5) Rich and wonderful fellowship is aggressively offered that could develop into meaningful relationships for the rest of your life. (5) Practical opportunities are provided for us to use our talents and gifts to worship God through service.  (6) The church is Christ's body on earth, and your participation in it is your participation in Him. (I Cor. 12) (7) And most importantly, Jesus is worthy of all our worship and has called us to come together as a church and worship Him....(Hebrews 10:25). I think the obvious take home from this devotional is we can NEVER be too busy for church...What could be more important?

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Rhoda said...

Those are really good reasons to go to church - I hope to pass this post on, though I think in the UK it might be more 'I'm too tired to go to church!'