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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Earning Our Voice Again

The Church in America has been portrayed negatively by much of the media and Hollywood for some time now. How many times have you observed a news story where some church (cult rather) is picketing a soldiers memorial service and harassing the grieving family during the most difficult time in their life.

In a world where the Christian Gospel is so challenging to the current self-centered attitudes rejection would only seem to be the logical response to concepts of sacrifice and service. And when some in the Church are more known for what they are against rather than the love of God we give those wrestling through such a challenging message reason to reject the Gospel.

But what if The Church renewed their voice through love and kindness again? What if we placed a tremendous emphasis on loving our neighbor as ourselves again? What if we had the goal of bringing the message of Christ to people by earning their time by acts of service and love?  These are questions that should be foremost on our minds during this season of increase skepticism towards The Church and our Lord's Gospel.

I believe we live in a country of great opportunity for the Gospel of Christ. But are we willing to earn the right to be heard? A bullhorn and a Bible are a negative cultural stigma these days.

Let me also give some practice advice....  Often we take the Biblical call for personal holiness as a call towards isolation from the very people Jesus wants us to reach. Personal holiness is a real call, but so is the non-believer who needs to know the door is open and the welcome mat is there to walk across. If they are ever to check out our gatherings they need to understand our love. If they are ever to understand our love they need to get to know us. We can be a friend without comprising the Gospel Message. We can enjoy relationships with non-believers as we seek to build bridges and look for opportunities to be a blessing.

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