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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mind Surfing

When ever I see a good wave I visualise in my mind how I would surf it. While this can be helpful when in the water it can become a replacement when viewing waves from the shore or even on my computer screen. I begin to evaluate how others surf as I am standing on the shore or the comfort of my desk chair.
This practice takes place in other sports as well. For example football fans who know how to run a football team from their couch instead of the turf. While all this Monday morning quarterbacking or mind surfing seems harmless, the same can take place in our walk with Jesus. Often I talk about sharing Christ with others but find the comfort of our culture an easy hiding place from actually doing it. Or I will encourage others to spend time in devotions but neglect my own time with Jesus.
The turf may be difficult but I need to get off the couch and down onto the field. The water may be cold and the waves a bit big but I need to paddle out if I am going to do more than just mind surf. If I am going to participate in following Jesus I need to put my faith into action. In Philippians 2:12-13 we learn we are to WORK OUT WHAT GOD HAS WORKED IN US.
Following Jesus is an exciting adventure if we are participating instead of spectating.

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