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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Rant Against Cyberhaters

I remember a day gone by when you wanted to say something to someone you had to call, send a letter or the direct approach and visit them face to face. While I love technology and all that can be done with it, I believe our culture has lost something when anonymous people can say such hurtful things towards others they don't even know online.  Recently Rick Warren's son took his life after years mental and emotional difficulty. Any normal American (and human being for that matter) should have compassion and sympathy for the entire Warren family. But instead we have this cultural war of Cyberhaters who do not understand a culture of respect and understanding that this country had years ago...It is shocking to me that at a time when a man has lost his son that political and cultural factions use this situation to chime in the same old rhetorical hate. Grow up America!  We have our differences, but we need to remember we are all human and there is a standard for the human race....and Cyberhate is cowardly!

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Dana Hanson said...

Well said! If you disagree with someone's viewpoints about life, respect is appropriate. To speak hatred into their grief?? I guess that's just another reason why the Christian worldview is so compelling. "Love your enemy," comes to mind.