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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day Of Ministry In Wales

Well thank you for praying (if you did). Today's events were totally amazing! Started with a morning devotion from You-K on trusting God in difficulty or challenges (Daniel 3:19-25). So we went out on the streets to get the Word out for the Holiday Bible Club later in the afternoon. Door to Door and one on one here in this village (neighborhood here in Wales). Met some kids and played Football with them in the park. Later that day all three boys came to the HBC at the church! Also others that we met around in the village came as well. We had about 20 kids show up (great turn out here in Wales). They made me wear a wig and a white coat (pictures are coming I promise). The Holiday Bible Club was well received and when really well. Our team from CCMV team works so well together. The younger kids had such a blast! We are going to re-think the program for the older ones tomorrow. The 12-14 year olds just wanted to go outside and smoke fags (cigs). So tommorow we are going to break out the water balloon sling-shots and start a fun little war with the older ones....bring it! Promise Pics tommorow! Well the day concluded with a great devotion from Joy on being Joyful at all times from Philippians 4:4...Solomon and I didn't even pick up on the Joy ReJoice thing until this evening!!!! From those here to you there.....Thanks for sending us with your prayer and support! promise pics tommorow..


Unknown said...

Awesome about the kid's attendance!
Hi, Joy, good job! (from Mom)

saru-san said...

good report, bro! i'll let the church know about it tonight before the video! God bless...we're still praying!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Dave and Team!
Thank you for this update! We are praying at all times. My prayers this week are fully focused on you all and God's work that is being done. May the hearts of children, young and younger, be tilled soil, ready to receive the seed of the Word of God and the Love of Christ with skin on! God bless you all and keep you safe in His care,
Tensie and Dan