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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We Are In Wales!!!

The travel was long (28 Hours)but not one problem or challenge we could not easily take to prayer. So today is street evangelism and Ignite Holiday Bible Club for the kids here around the church! The team is ready and excited to see many kids come! Please pray for a great turnout of children (hoping for at least 40). I am staying with Sol about a block from the church. All the comforts of home and time for devotions with The Lord! And internet so updates should be regular. God is good....all the time! Continue to keep us in prayer...We need what DL Moody called Holy Spirit Love Motive. We want this place touched by Jesus Christ through our lives! Quick story before I let you go....On the Bus ride from London (4.5 hours), older couple sitting next to me. Praying "Lord use me to speak to them about You!" So I say "How's the weather here?" Quick and short response...."rain." "OK Lord, help me break the ice here." So I pull out my blue and red evangelism track. Both seem interested! The woman reads it afterward front and back! I tell them a couple of jokes (they totally laughed!) Got to share about what we are here for and the churches planted here by Calvary Chapel....God you are so good! Pray for this wonderful couple that they would trust Christ through His gospel (even as detailed on my small blue and red cards). This trip is starting off in the Holy Spirit... Just they way God likes it! So keep checking back here as I hope to update you on the first day of ministry here at Calvary Chapel Swansea!!!!!


saru-san said...

awesome, bro! good to see you're updating this! but i think you're getting spoiled with easy access to the internet...ranker! where's the suffering?! where's the flexibility?! ultra ranker! ;) j/k God bless you guys...i sent out a mass text earlier today...

saru-san said...!! ;)