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Monday, March 22, 2010

His Mercy Endures Forever....

"Oh, give thanks to The Lord, for He is good, and His Mercy endures forever." II Chronicles 16:34 When you come across something good it's worth repeating.... When King David brought the Ark of God into Jerusalem he wrote a song about how thankful he was and wanted to have all Israel learn to sing it. The second half of Verse 34 was then repeated 40 other times in Scripture. There is another song (Psalm 136) that used that verse as the repeating refrain. You see the experience of bringing the Ark of God close so touched King David he wanted to lead others into that same experience. The reason King David was so thankful was because on top of the Ark of God was a place called "The Mercy Seat." This was the place that God's mercy was extended to the nation of Israel after a sacrifice was offered in substitution for their sin. You see, the covering over the Ark (The Mercy Seat) was the place where a Holy God and a sinful people could meet after their sin was covered. While archeologists are still looking for the lost Ark, Paul in Romans 3:25 continues this Songs' theme by explaining to us that Jesus is our Mercy Seat ("Propitiation"). So Jesus makes it possible for a Holy God to meet with sinful people.... "Oh, give thanks to The Lord, for He is good, and "His Mercy Endures Forever!" Jesus is where God's mercy is to be found...Forever!

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