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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Automatic Response System?

This week God reminded me of why we feel distant from Him sometimes....

As we studied Exodus Chapter 24 this last Wednesday I was reminded again of how God allowed Moses to enter into His very presence but kept Aaron, his two sons, and the Seventy elders at a bit of a distance. This always intrigued me because in John 4:23 Jesus said the Father is seeking Worshipers.

So what was it about Aaron, his two sons, and the Seventy elders that kept them from coming into God's presence with Moses? Well you probably are aware that in Exodus Chapter 32 Aaron makes a golden calf for all of Israel to worship (we assume the Seventy elders are included), and in Levitus 10 Aaron's sons offer strange fire (probably represents pride and self will) before the Lord and are judged.

KEY THOUGHT HERE: Often times we think of God as an Automatic Response System! We pray and he needs to respond. We seek Him and He needs to respond. We have needs and He must respond.... We forget that God is a person! We have a relationship with Him not an Automatic Response System....

Back to Moses and Exodus 24....Moses desired God! Moses loved God! Moses dedicated time for God and God revealed more of Himself to Moses than anyone else in Israel! Why? Because that is what Moses wanted and made time for! BTW just being in close to God's presence was not enough for Moses...later on he asked God if he could see His glory (Exodus 33:18).

So this week If we start to feel a bit distant from God we need to remember He is a person and not an Automatic Response System....He desires our love and devotion....And we need to respond to Him!

Be Blessed As You Respond To Him....Pastor David

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