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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are People Born Gay?

Recently while reading a blog on I responded to this discussion. Here is what I posted.... Just a couple of thoughts on the whole gay, straight, ??? issue; First - I applaud you for thinking for yourself! Most people who have strong opinions have not taken the time to reasearch, reflect, and respond the the truth. Remember having an opinion does not mean we are thinking. But taking the time to understand the facts and forming our own thoughts is essential to having understanding. Second- According to Genesis 1 Mankind is created in God's Image... That is we have a conscience, we know right from wrong, we can reason, relate, and respond. Also what makes us different from all the other animals is the knowledge of being created. Although The Bible teaches us that most have suppressed that truth (being created) because of unrighteousness (Romans 1). So if we are going to believe that we are created in God's image (Genesis 1) then we must believe mankind can not be created Gay because God is not Gay nor does He encourage you and I to be Gay. Third - People are created in wonderful and unique ways but we all have the same basic hardware (with the exception of birth defects and accidents). Basic human biology shows us that Homosexuality can not reproduce. The basic idea is that the fruit or results of homosexuality is not good. And in the book of Genesis when God saw all of His creation He declared it was Good. So I do not believe God would create someone wanting what is not good. Fourth - All of mankind have been created with a sexual drive which produces desires (except for the unusal case of those called/created to be single). These desires (as well as all desires) should be fulfilled according to God's design. For example a married man who is attracted to another woman needs to control his sexual desires even though it may be difficult and require lifestyle changes (ie not hanging out with that person). A woman who receives comfort and advise from another man and finds herself attracted to him, if she is married, she needs to end that relationship and find other means for that comfort and advise. These are normal ways of handling God given desires. The same is true for someone attracted to the same sex. These are unhealthy temptations that need to be controled. When people learn to control unhealthy desires a healthy lifestyle is produced. Fifth - And Most Important...God created sex and all that He created was good and for our blessing. But...we now live in a society that is given over to sensuality and sex. We are being bombarded with sexual messages constantly. This I believe is producing a very harmful farmland of sexual expression and lifestyle. Within this harmful farmland of public sexual expression some people are growing up with the wrong idea of sex. God created sex to be expressed between a man and a woman with a lifelong relationship. But with our current malfunction of sex in our socienty, and poor examples of those we admire, our culture has produced damaging ideas regarding the wonderful gift God gave us. This I believe, has cause many to doubt their God given sexuality. Esspecially within our youth of today. Well, there is much more to this discussion and I certainly am not the expert. But what I believe is that God's Word has given us the proper use of this God given gift. That is, that sex should be is within the lifelong marriage commitment between a man and a woman. Also, I am in no way bashing Gays. Having compassion and not becoming part of the problem when reaching out with the Gospel to people who have decided to be Gay is essential. I was addressing the theological question "Does God Create people Gay?" I think it is a good question in light of our current cultural battle in Prop 8. my 5 cents....


theguide42 said...

First of all, let's deal with a few key issues:

I think it is safe to say that the majority of homosexual persons are not Christians. Therefore, it is essential to address this subject without the use of such religious trappings as the Bible, Imago Dei, and even most discussion of morality.

The most powerful argument against the possibility of being born gay is a genetic one. Although I am no expert on genetics, I think that it is safe to say that any "gay gene" would have died out a long time ago, being unable to reproduce. Even if those carrying the gay gene were able to "suck it up" and have kids with the opposite sex, the very existence of these people would prove that being gay is a choice, and thereby poke a giant hole in the "gay from birth" argument.

Another argument against those who think one can be born gay is that young newborns are neither homosexual nor heterosexual. In fact, they are not sexual at all. The sexuality of a human being is not instituted until a later age- when that age is is unimportant, as long as it can be agreed that it is not less than 1 year of age. Therefore, it must be the case that because homosexuality seems to be a divergent sexuality, in other words it is not the norm, it must be the result of childhood duress, social influence, or a number of other psychological factors. The default position for a pubescent teen seems to be heterosexuality.

So anyway, I appreciate your Biblical approach to this issue, but to be perfectly honest, that approach seems to the homosexual just so much religious ranting. "Besides," they might say, "Christians can't even agree amongst themselves whether homosexuality is wrong. Why should I suddenly start seeing things from their point of view?" It is a whole different issue if these arguments are presented to someone like a gay Episcopalian bishop. If that were the case, I would see no harm in making the case directly from sola scriptura, which is very clear on the issue when properly exegeted.

Anonymous said...

hi pastor dave,

thanks for your 5 cents. i agree with most of it but am a bit puzzled with your third point. proteins linked with hiv? first time i've heard about that, actually.

i do think most of us have the same basic hardware and wiring, however i believe that just as there are many variations in our personalities, there are also variations in our hormone levels reflecting maleness and femaleness...some more feminine, some more masculine. this might give us a predisposition to certain characteristics or tendencies. this is not to say, i think homosexuality it acceptable, but i think some people struggle much more with it than others, maybe not by their choice.

above all, i know that god calls us to love and have compassion on all people, just as he has compassion on us. thank you for always preaching this message.

see you at the harvest festival!

Pastor David Cuff said...

Thanks for the comment….

It looks like I have repeated a old myth. I have been researching my comment on Point Three and I have not found the scientific connection of male sperm and the cause HIV virus. Certainly it is one of the ways to spread the virus but there is no evidence it is the cause. From what I understand this connection was first made before further research was done. Now the virus has been linked to Monkeys in Africa (but others dispute this).

But what I did find about the damaging effects from Anal sex was quite substantial. From STD, Gay Bowel syndrome, and a host of other blood related diseases. Also the wall of the bowel is not as thick as the vaginal wall and so other problems can result. Well I have been educated and thanks for the accountability.

I think the original questions and comments from the myspace blog would be helpful but I did not feel I should reproduce them for my blog. The focus was “does God create people Gay.” So I agree, having compassion and not becoming part of the problem when reaching out to Gays is essential. The blog was addressing a question of theology more than making a statement against people who have decided to be Gay…

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Dave, first I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your sermons. My friend Leeza sends me the cd's. They have helped me so much. I have listened to each one several times, (and get something new out of them each time.)Something that I could not have done if you didn't have such a down to earth, funny personality.

Anyway, I have a question about ths line from your blog:

"All of mankind have been created with a sexual drive which produces desires (except for the unusal case of those called/created to be single)."

What do you mean exactly by the unusal cases?

Miss Sile

Pastor David Cuff said...

Hello Miss Sile,
Thank you for the nice comments...
I think you found a typo :-[
It should read "unusual" of which MWD says "uncommon" or "rare."
The point I was making is that some people are created without a strong sexual drive by God and are usually called to a life of singleness for a greater purpose than if they were to be married. This does not make them wrong, better, or worse, just different. Paul discribes this in First Corinthians 7 (difficult chapter).
Now, the reason I say unusual is because it appears there are not many with this condition when compared to the rest of us...They are special and if this singular focused life is given to God they are very effective in God's plan to reach the world. Paul says they if don't have a spouse to please as well as God they are more available for His work.

Soon we will upload the teachings from First Corinthians at our website ( and you can listen to chapter 7 if you like.

Thanks again for your input here and your nice comments...

Have a great Day in Christ!
Pastor David...