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Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Keeps Us From Telling Others About Jesus?

When I read of the amazing things God did in the Book Of Acts I wonder why many of those same things are not happening in my life today.

Take for instance this partial list below;

Peter heals a lame man at Jerusalem 3:1-11

Apostles perform many wonders at Jerusalem 5:12-16

Peter heals Eneas of a palsy at Lydda 9:33, 34

Peter raises Tabitha, or Dorcas, to life at Joppa 9:36-41

Peter delivered out of prison by an angel at Jerusalem 12:7-17

Elymas, the sorcerer, smitten with blindness at Paphos 13:6-11

Paul converted to Christ on Road to Damascus 9:1-9

Paul heals a cripple at Lystra 14:8-10

Paul casts out a spirit of divination at Philippi 16:16-18

Paul & Silas's prison doors opened by an earthquake in Philippi 16:25

The list goes on.....

But one thing is obvious about this list, the church was involved in telling others about Jesus and as a result God showed up and did amazing things. Each situation brought an opportunity for God to be glorified...

So what keeps us from telling others about Jesus?

Fear, Confort Zones, Business, Culture Norms, and ..... Whatever our answer to this question is, it is keeping us from experiencing the amazing things God did in the Book Of Acts...IMHO

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